Cornell Resources

Take advantage of Cornell's resources, events, and classes to grow and fund your side project.

Campus Events

BIG Idea Competition: [email protected] event to bring together student entrepreneurs to award an idea with entrepreneurial merit. Learn more here.

Big Red Hacks: national hackathon to work on innovative projects throughout the course of a weekend. Learn more here.

BOOM Project Showcase: hosted by Cornell Engineering and the CIS Department to bring together corporate sponsors and faculty to award technical student projects. Learn more here.

RAW Expo: Medium Design Collective's annual project exposition showcasing interdisciplinary projects across campus. Hosted in the Spring every year in Milstein Dome. Learn more here.

Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration: annual celebration of student entrepreneurs bringing together faculty and alumni. Learn more here.

CFIN Fashion Speaks Gala: annual speaking and networking event bringing together students and alumni in the fashion industry. Learn more here.

Cornell Eship Summit: annual summit in NYC featuring speakers and alumni. Learn more here.


Through crowdsourcing suggestions and recommendations, we've found that students have felt that these classes were particularly helpful in creating an independent project.

  • CS 4300

  • INFO 4240

  • CS 1300, 2300

  • CS 1110, 2110

  • INFO 3450/INFO 4400

  • AppDev Intro to DPD, iOS, Backend Courses

  • INFO 2950

  • CS 4870

  • GOVT 3547

  • GOVT 3131

  • AEM 3200

  • AEM 3249

Grants / Fellowships

Check with your respective college for specific grants you might be eligible for. Here are some that students have received in the past to fund their independent projects.

Other Campus Resources / Events