BKYD Playbook
Motivating Others

Positive Affirmations

Never tell people that their ideas are bad. It's very easy to be cynical, and you should encourage everyone to pursue what they feel they are passionate about. We hear ideas all the time, but we should always treat someone's intuition or perspective with respect and consideration. If you get the chance to hear someone's idea, call yourself lucky since that person trusts your expertise and opinion.


Share resources with your friends, co-workers, family if they are trying to build out a project and need some help to build it out. Be there for them when they need more help they've originally expected and offer advice and feedback when you can.


If someone is interesting in starting something, inspire them to take action! Show them this playbook, share an article that might relate to their idea, or get someone in touch with them to validate that their idea might be something worth pursuing.


Last modified 2yr ago