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About the Founders

About Tina He, Cornell '19

Tina is a senior at Cornell studying Information Science and Comparative Literature. She is a strong believer in finding purpose through making stuff. She’s at her happiest when helping people bring positive social impact through new ideas. She’s built design-centered products at Bloomberg, Grubhub, and Facebook, and she will be joining the VC firm NEA after graduation. Currently she’s building a newsletter that examines how tech impacts people and our future.

About Maya Frai, Cornell '20

Maya is a junior at Cornell studying Information and Computer Science. She's always been passionate about different areas -- from starting a swimwear brand in high school to a study guide app to a female empowerment platform. She met Tina freshman year at Cornell and started BKYD a year later together after a shared passion in creating and building innovative ideas and inspiring others to do the same. Maya's passionate about building products for diverse communities of people and has previously contributed to the work done at Rent the Runway, Sailo, and Facebook. Currently she's growing Let's Hear It and will be a PM intern at Google NYC this summer.

BKYD Memories 📷

BKYD Launch Event Spring 2018
BKYD Launch Event Spring 2018
BKYD Launch Event Spring 2018
BKYD Launch Event Spring 2018
BKYD @ Raw Expo Spring 2018

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